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Guide For A Good Usage of Your Email

This guide gives some tips for making good use of email and avoid future problems. Style and etiquette There are a number of standards ‘tag’ that is recommended to follow when communicating by e-mail to others, such as: Always write in a concise matter the subject content of the message. Thus we provide the recipient … Continue reading

Creating an archive file from OUTLOOK client

Warning, this manipulation did not intend to organize your messages in your inbox, but move entire folders of messages out of your profile, you will not see those emails. In a first step, you create an archive file that will contain the messages you have archived. This file will have the extension. Pst , You … Continue reading

How to configure an email account on an iPhone

This guide is intended for users of the iPhone that would configure their mail account (free, yahoo, Gmail, …) in the MAIL application . It is also available in the iPod Touch. Here, your messages will be consulted directly from the application. Needless to connect to and authenticate Webmail! Attention, it is essential that you … Continue reading