Setting Up Email on Smart Phones

In this article, I will be revealing the ways of setting email on two different smart phones. Sbcglobal is one of the leading Internet service and email providers in the US. The email service which was as a result of the merger of AT&T with Yahoo is now referred to as AT&T Yahoo. However, the settings to two of the most popular smart phones will be discussed. The iPhone and HTC (android) are the smart phones I’m discussing here.

How do you sign up for email? The first thing you do is: go to the sbcglobal site. Choose a desired plan and check for availability. Enter your Zip code in the space provided just below the “New Customer”. You may be required to provide your phone number or home address to set up a new account. Enter the information as required. Let AT&T confirm if your location is open to this service. Decide on which plan you will like to sign up for. There is always a chance to upgrade after sign up. The next step is payment. You will enter your address and payment information. A new username should be entered into the space provided for it. It is advised to start your username with a number to reduce spam. Then type a password which must contain both letters and numbers. This is to make your password almost impossible to predict. It’s for your security. That’s all! Your new email is set and ready for use.

sbcglobal mail on iphone

setting email on iPhone

Setting email on iPhones requires you to follow these few steps:

open your mail settings> click “add account”> click the “other” button and then select POP.

Afterwards, you enter the settings in sequence.



POP 3 server:

Username: your full email address (e.g.

Password: your preset password when you signed up.


SMTP Server:

Username: your full email address (e.g.

Password: your preset password when you signed up

It might show you that the outgoing settings are optional but you just have to enter them because yahoo requires both incoming and outgoing settings to authenticate your mail over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your mail application must have configured other things like port automatically after entering the above settings properly. That’s all for setting email on iPhone.

Setting email for HTC smart phones.

Just like I explained in the case of the iPhone, open your mail settings and select add mail. Key In the following settings;

Incoming settings

Protocol: POP

Email: you full emails address (e.g.

Password: enter your preset password when you signed up

POP server:

Security: SSL

Server port: 995

Outgoing settings

Username: your full email address (e.g.

Password: enter your preset password when you signed up

smtp server:

security: SSL

server port: 465

that’s all you do to get started with your email.

However, if you forgot your password and wish to recover it, follow these steps;

–        Click the “forgot Password” button on the login page

–        On the prompt, enter your full AT&T email address

–        Choose password recovery method; answer security questions or receive a temporary password

–        Reset your password; if you chose the “answer security questions” option you will be able to change your password immediately otherwise, you will have to go to your mail box and get the temporary password being sent to you. After which you will enter it on the login page to create a new password.

Setting email on smart phones can be frustrating when you keep trying and not getting to use your email facility.