SBC Yahoo: Internet At Its Best

We are very familiar with Yahoo, but how about SBC Yahoo? How is this different from what we are used to? The acronym SBC means Southwestern Bell Corporation, which has only recently been part of AT&T. Peope who gets SBC yahoo email received these email from an SBC/ATT account using the email system of Yahoo. The main difference between the two is that while the Yahoo accounts are for free to anyone who wants to avail of its services, SBC Yahoo on the other hand comes with a fee.

The moment you have availed of SBC Yahoo DSL, you automatically are given an SBC My Yahoo page. Now this is already called AT&T Yahoo, but all of its services and system are the same. Once you have this, you can then setup your own email account very easily. The advantage is that AT&T, or SBC yahoo for that matter, allows its subscribers to have a mail email address as well as additional addresses in case other members of the family would also want to have an email address of their own.

SBC customers log in and use various services at Yahoo, but their email address actually has domains While a normal user with a free yahoo account would go to the main yahoo mail page and enter their email address, the SBC yahoo user would also do the same, only that he has to also type in in the log in name. After typing in the password, the user will be brought to the same interface as in the yahoo web mail account plus more options for the paying user. These differences include access to:

  • Account information
  • Billing information
  • Payment options
  • Virus protection download page

Managing your account has never been easy and convenient. These additional features are under the Member Center portion such that if you have availed of SBC Yahoo’s cable, phone, internet and mobile services, all of these are integrated until the Yahoo portal site.

So if you are still using SBC DSL and wants to convert so SBC Yahoo DSL, how to do you convert? Upon the merging of SBC Internet services and Yahoo Inc., they have come up with a much better high speed internet service for their customers. The good news is that you will not be changing email addresses, the monthly bill and the payment method remains the same, including the contract.

What are the benefits of SBC Yahoo DSL which also gives you access to SBC Yahoo Mail which is described earlier in this article? Why convert now?

It’s because with SBC Yahoo DSL you can enjoy

  • Greater customization. You can match your page content with your interests and personality by the features Yahoo provides.
  • Enhanced Interaction. The new DSL browser can allow you to do something else such as check your calendar or your email without leaving the page you are browsing.
  • Nation-wide dial-up access. The new SBC Yahoo DSL provides you unlimited access to your internet service anywhere in the country.
  • Greater access to broadband content. It provides you with better access to games, videos, music and other forms of intertainment) faster and easier.
  • Bundled Premium services. Get a premium service plus a choice of another premium service at 20% off.