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This is a story that the older generation is in a better position to tell the younger. See, the whole instant messaging thing is new. Before the advent of IM, people used to have their conversations through email. This meant that messages can be exchanged from person to person, and the time could span into hours worth of chat. You can imagine the scenario. People had to be huddled close to their computers, awaiting the next reply to their emails. This meant that the instant you part with your computer, you would be unable to check your mails, and the conversation would be stalled. However, the trend has changed for the better today, though. The absence or presence of a computer is no longer a limiting factor to the continuity of a mailing conversation. Your mail is no longer linked to just one computer. You can now use your phone or a library computer to check your email – your sbcglobal webmail account can be accessed in just about any part of the world that has internet access.

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How to use sbcglobal webmail

The following easy to follow steps should guide you on your way to setting up the webmail:

First of all, type in the website that allows you to log on to your sbcglobal webmail account. You must have internet connectivity for this to work, of course. Here are several websites linked to one another that can allow you to access your email address.

Your sbcglobal webmail username is unique to you, and it corresponds to the name that is before the @ symbol on your email address. Type this onto the username box. There should be a drop down menu beside the boxes in which you typed in your username. Click on the arrow beside the drop down menu to access the list of email domain names. Locate and select it. This is the mail you want to access after all, isn’t it?

There should be another blank box below for your password. Type in your password. When done with this process, click on the “Sign In” button to be redirected into your email address.

Now you are here – in your own mail box. You can make use of your account options as you would normally do when back at home or in your office. However, note that whatever you delete on your mailbox would only be available on the computer your use, and not on your home computer. It is just the same as saying the messages you delete on your home computer would not appear on some other computer. The mail interface is basically the same, and you should be able to reply mails and compose messages as you usually do.

When you are done with the account, you may the sign out. No, you MUST then sign out. After all, it wouldn’t do for some stranger to log into your account and make changes or read your personal stuff. Look for the Sign Out button on your mail box and click it. Ensure that your sign out action is successful before you relinquish use of the computer.

When you are using your email in a public place, ensure that you are very conscious of what you do. When typing your password, do not let anyone watch your action. You can use the Internet Options” tab to get rid of any temporary files you may have created when using the computer. When done with the computer, it is always a wise policy to clear all your cookies. This way, no one can infiltrate your sbcglobal webmail.