If you forgot your login, you need to ensure that you get a new password to gain access to your messages. Before, people did not need to have any passwords since the email was sent to specified computers through a network that worked in a closed-circuit network format. If you had access to a given workstation, you were the only person to receive that message.

Today, as the networks have developed, it has become more complex and you need a specific password to your email. This is because there is a possibility that many more people are sharing computer information through the World Wide Web. A designated username and password has become very crucial. As well, it is possible to change the password for your email with only a few minutes to spare.

What you need to do in the first instance is to get into your login as you normally do. You could be using an email client such as Outlook, with this; you need to use a basic web based email service to alter the password information. This way, you need to change both passwords for enhanced security hence to allow the system to reconnect.

The other thing, you need to do is to find the “My Account” area. This link can be gotten at the top of the page. Click on it and let it redirect on its own. You will need to provide your previous password information. This is meant for verification purposes to allow you make any changes to your email account. You then click on the change password area on the page. There is a part for the current password for you to use. You will be able to provide a new email password for the system.

It is a good idea to mix both uppercase, lowercase letters, and numbers to enhance the security. Remember that the password is case sensitive, thus, you need to remember it exactly as you put it. One secret to use it to make the password easy for you to remember as possible at the same time making it as hard as possible for strangers who are planning to attack your email account.

You need to keep in mind that other services you use to access through the same username and password need to use the new password. If you believe someone has been tempering with your account, ensure that you change the password as soon as possible. As well, after a few months, you could be altering your password to be safe from interference as well as ensure that your security is maintained.

When accessing the login, on a public computer, always make sure not to click on the “remember my password” query. This could end up compromising your account. This is especially when accessing your email from an internet café. This will go a long way into ensuring that your account remains safe for longer. You need to change your password when you are out of the office for a while. This is especially if you are out on vacation.