Sbcglobal email settings android

A lot of people new to android might not know this, but the android can support more than one email account, if you know how to do this. There is even a set up wizard which would allow you ease of synchronising your numerous email accounts. There are even some common domain names which are already configured in your android for your own convenience.

Using the set up wizard in your android, you can easily set up a SBCglobal account for yourself. However, you might run into some problems pretty soon: there are some account settings that you may need to put in manually. How do you go about that?

First things first. Understand a little about SBCglobal. SBCglobal makes use of the standard AT&T server and also uses the common settings for its server. If you wish to make it right while putting in the settings for your SBCglobal email on your android, begin by ensuring you have the right email address and password for your email account.

Sbcglobal email settings android

Getting the settings for SBCglobal email on your android

It is assumed that you understand your android well. Point your phone to the applications menu. If you cannot locate it, click at the bottom of your home screen and locate the “Applications” icon.

From that point, locate the email function. Using the “menu” key, get into the email menu. There should be a provision for you to add an account. Navigate there and click on the “add account” option.

Of course, like we explained before, you should already have an account with SBC global. If you do not already have one, this is a good time to go get one, because in the next field, you will be asked to put in your email address and your password. Put the email address and the password in their appropriate fields and.

Your account type is the POP3, so select that and let it stay in the account type header.

In the incoming of POP field, type in this address: this will be the incoming address for your email server.

For the outgoing field, you will use something a little different. Still using yahoo, type in into your Outgoing Server field. Your incoming mail server is also a POP3, mind you. Correct the entry if that’s not already what’s on display.

There should be a provision for you to put in your incoming mail port number. In your case, that number is 995. After that, ensure that you check the SSL box to indicate that you want SSL services on your incoming mail. Check the SSL box on your outgoing mail as well. Your outgoing mail port number is 465. When you are done, click on the “Next “tab to go to your mail verification page, and to complete the whole mail setup.

Note that checking your SBCglobal mail, while it may seem new-fangled, is quite easy. You only need to open up your browser of choice. Type in and load the Yahoo! Homepage. From the list of options, go to favourites and select yahoo mail.

When the yahoo mail box opens, type in your sbcglobal mail in the username field. This includes the part, mind. This is your complete Yahoo! ID for a SBCglobal user. In the password field, put in your SBCglobal password. If your username and password match, you should be able to access your sbcglobal mail.

Alternatively, you can still access your SBCglobal mail through this link: When the link opens, click on the email tab, just at the right side of the page and it will load the entry page for your account details.