SBCGLOBAL Email Password Recovery

Unfortunately, if you lose your sbcglobal password for your email, you cannot retrieve this exact password. However, you can reset the old password and have another one issued and assigned to you. All you need do is make use of the “Lost Password” form on the page. You just need to fill out the form accordingly and you will have a new password to access your old email address.

Some of the items you will need to fill out in the email include certain personal and unique account information to ensure that you are the legal owner of the email in question. Also, you will be required to answer some security questions – questions you had already set up in the event that you misplaced your password. Thus, you will just be re-answering questions that you had already answered when you were initially opening up the first email. To ensure that your email is protected at all times, ensure that you write your password and keep it in a secure and safe place. It is advisable that you do not share your password with anyone at all.

How to Recover your SBCGLOBAL Email Password

Open your computer browser, and type in the web address, If the page loads correctly, you will find the “Sign in” button, which will be found on the right hand side of the page.

There will be a “Forgot your password?” link beneath this button. This is the link which you should click to access the form that would allow you make the steps to recovering your sbcglobal email password.

In the next page that would appear, you will be requested to type in your email password.  Put in the username of the password and make a click to the “Select Domain” tab on the same page. When you have concluded this process, move on to step two.

In the next step, you should then put in your AT&T member identification. Put in this and press the next button to move on to the next step. Please note that the AT&T member id is very different from your email username and logs you on to your AT&T account, which is different from your email account.

The next window would open up your security questions. Answer them correctly, as you answered them the first time you opened your email when you were signing up for the email it is important that you recall the answers you made to the questions the first time. When you have answered all the questions, click on the “next” button once more.

In the next page, you will them be prompted to put in your new password. As is the tradition with putting in passwords, you will first put in the new password and be required to re-enter the password. When you are done, click on the ‘finish’ button. The next button will be a “continue” to confirm that you have made a transition away from that page. When you are done, you should close the screen.

It shouldn’t more than a couple of minutes for your new email to be reverted and changed and you will then regain access into your old email address. You should try to keep your password in a more secure place for the next time. Furthermore, ensure that your new password is easily remembered by you while not losing the complexity that makes it difficult for hackers to break through your password. It is always a good idea to combine text and numbers in the creation of a password. The ideal length is eight characters or longer.