How to configure an email account on an iPhone

This guide is intended for users of the iPhone that would configure their mail account (free, yahoo, Gmail, …) in the MAIL application . It is also available in the iPod Touch.

Here, your messages will be consulted directly from the application. Needless to connect to and authenticate Webmail!

Attention, it is essential that you have knowledge of connection settings POP or IMAP and SMTP on your email account provider.

Small important point: regardless of the connection parameters, the application of Iphone MAIL does not address the MICROSOFT! (Hotmail, Live, etc)

If this information does not work for you, look in the options or ask your webmail with your provider.


  • “Settings” >> “Mail-contacts-calendar” >> “Add Account”.
  • Select the type of email account, in this case choose the type “Other”.
  • Enter the account information email:
  • “Name”: First name that will appear as the sender when you write an email.
  • “Address”: Your full email address
  • “Password” the password for your email account current
  • “Description”: Optional. (Take your full email address).
  • Your Iphone will check the entered data and bring you to a new page.
  • Select “POP” to tell the iphone that you want to configure a POP3 account format or IMAP if your provider offers.

Receiving server:

  • – Host Name: the address of your POP3 server.
  • – Username: the username of your email inbox.
  • – Password: your email password.

Outgoing Mail Server:

  • – Host Name: the address of your SMTP server destination
  • – Username: the username of your email inbox. (Optional)
  • – Password: your email password. (Optional)
  • Validate and Save. Normally, your mail account is ready!

In case of error, it may come from the SSL setting.

Especially if you are from Orange , during validation, the following message may appear: “Can not Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL? YES or NO “. If this is the case

  • Click “NO” and save your settings!
  • A new message appears: “This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save? “This message is normal, click” SAVE “.
  • The account appears in the list of accounts. Click the account that you just created to access the options
  • Scroll down and click on “Advanced”
  • In “Incoming Settings” and “Outgoing Settings” disable “Use SSL.
  • Exit and launch the application “Mail” (e). It should work now!