Creating an archive file from OUTLOOK client

Warning, this manipulation did not intend to organize your messages in your inbox, but move entire folders of messages out of your profile, you will not see those emails.

In a first step, you create an archive file that will contain the messages you have archived. This file will have the extension. Pst , You choose the storage location and manage the security of it.

  • 1. From the main menu bar, select the menu File / New / Outlook Data File.
  • 2. Choose the type of Outlook data file according to your needs.
  • 3. Select the storage location of your file archiving
  • You can save it on your computer or on a network location to your own business. The advantage of network folder resides in the fact that it is regularly backed up.
  • 4. Give a name to your file.

This name will appear in your Outlook

  • 5. Check that the file appears in the list of your folders.

Now, it remains for you to manage your file as you see fit.