Sbcglobal email – The simplest way of using it

Sbcglobal email is a merger between Yahoo as well as AT&T and it gives it users a good chance of accessing different types of features of Yahoo. SBCglobal has its own internet known as SBC internet and it is a common service provider all over the country. In 2003 is when AT &T and Yahoo merged and led to the creation of AT&T. This merger was good because it gave SBC users AT&T online services. It also gave sbcglobal users an opportunity to access different types of services of yahoo like: chat rooms, instant messenger and many more.

sbcglobalThe reason why services of AT&T are popular because of their, affordable prices, email options and good customer service. Users of SBC enjoy a lot of benefits because it special and not like other accounts that are not within AT&T. A good example of service that is being offered by AT& T is SBC-global. It is equipped with various internet options like high speed internet connection and it costs fifteen dollars per month. Sbcglobal email has a big address book, spam blocker as well as customized homepage. Besides that, users can be able to sign up using their yahoo email account and use other services like Groups, Yahoo, Instant messenger and Flickr.

Before instant messaging was introduced, internet users did their conversations through emailing back. Those days’ people stayed at the computer so that they can use their email. When they were not around the computer they used to check their accounts through normal computers. Today, there is no reason why you should not check mail even if you are not at your own personal computer. There are so many public places that you can sbcglobal login and check mail like: in any internet café or library.

This is how to access the account. Go to SBC account website. Then put your SBC member name. There is a drop down on where you typed your name and look until you get then click. Put your SBC-global email password in the white box which is next to the password. There a box next to the password written sign click on it. Do whatever you like with your account just like the way you do with your laptop at home. Delete messages that you do not like and keep these in mind that they will not be found in any other computer. Buttons of reply, forward, delete messages are no different but the same. If you are through with your account and you do not other people that are going to use the computer to check your mails, sign out or log off.

When checking email always be careful especially if it in public places. Do not share your sbcglobal login details. If there are any attachments that you have downloaded delete them so that other people do not see. If you are purchasing something from a public computer do not use your credit card because somebody can take the numbers. You can even trying to log in your SBC account in yahoo.